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CamDEBATE 2023 attracted 525 contestants representing 8 nationalities (Cambodian, Thai, Filipino, Malaysian, Chinese, French, American and Kazakhstani) from over 100 schools and universities across Cambodia. It concluded with the final round in May 2023, when the 16 finalists showcased their skills in front of a packed audience of 1,200 participants.

The 8 champions were each awarded a 2-week study tour to the United Kingdom hosted by Stafford House (part of CATS Global Schools), one-year scholarships to study at ACE, trophies and medals. Other prizes included tablets, bicycles and gift packs.

2023 Champions

Ung Srey Pich

2023 Champion of High School Public Speaking



Korn Kunsinara

2023 Champion of University & Young Professionals Public Speaking


Him Chhengpor, Kang Keang Bou, and Narath Nuon Chakkrei

2023 Champion of High School Debate


Lim Keaseng, Nuon Puthisoptey, and Kimbraney Sang

2023 Champion of University & Young Professionals Debate

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