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"CamDEBATE 2023 has opened numerous doors of opportunities for me as a champion public speaker in the high school category. A fully-funded 2-week study tour to the United Kingdom with CamDEBATE taught me to step out of my comfort zone and learn. It showed me that there was so much more in the world for me to see. I highly encourage youths to join CamDEBATE 2024 and I urge anyone who is even slightly interested to apply because you never know where your “one-click” application may take you."
Ung Srey Pich, 2023 Champion of High School Public Speaking


"I can wholeheartedly say that CamDEBATE Championship series has brought me a lot of new opportunities. Not only did the CamDEBATE series help me improve my confidence in debating, but they also provided a platform for me to interact with different people on a more proficient level. If you are looking to join CamDEBATE 2024, I would really recommend it, since this series heavily promotes growth, learning, and last but not least, having fun at the same time."
Him Chhengpor, 2023 Champion of High School Debate


"I have joined multiple local competitions, and I personally think CamDEBATE’s management is one of the best. The closer you get to the goal, the more motivated you become. You should be motivated because the fruit of your efforts will definitely be sweet. I’ve met the greatest people, made life-long friends, and carved unforgettable memories."
Kang Keang Bou, 2023 Champion of High School Debate


"As for any future contestants who may want to compete in CamDEBATE, I suggest that you practice your speech and English proficiency, as these are essential to presenting your ideas. Regarding debate, communication is key to ensuring that you and your teammates are all on the same page. Cooperation is not only important for preparation, but also during the debates, as you can help each other with counterarguments and rebuttals."
Narath Nuon Chakkrei, 2023 Champion of High School Debate


"Joining CamDEBATE was the best experience that I ever had. I learned many things through each round of the competition, especially the training sessions which taught me what a good speaker must have. The journey to the UK was incredible. Everything was so good, including the food, the accommodations, and the school. I learned some history of the UK, discovered local products, witnessed the most beautiful scenery, and visited museums and castles, which were quite a good experience for me. I really encourage the young people to join CamDEBATE next year. Be competitive and courageous!"
Korn Kunsinara, 2023 Champion of University & Young Professionals Public Speaking


"I had a great time doing debates and I could not have asked for a better team as well as mentors for this competition. The trip to the UK was amazing. We get to experience new things and meet new people and see that the world is much bigger than we thought. Lastly, if there are people new to debating or even public speaking, CamDEBATE is a very great place to start because of all the timely planned and informative training sessions alongside the amazing organizers behind it all."
Lim Keaseng, 2023 Champion of University & Young Professionals Debate


"The immersive study tour to the United Kingdom through the CamDEBATE Championship Series provided me with a firsthand understanding of the cultural nuances and academic enrichment that shape our perspective and growth through exposure to a different environment and lifestyle. To future participants, I say, embrace the nerves, trust in your preparation, and savor every moment of this enriching journey as CamDEBATE is a platform for self-discovery and a stepping stone for future successes."
Nuon Puthisoptey, 2023 Champion of University & Young Professionals Debate


"The key to winning for my team was our huge commitment. We devoted so many hours to researching and rehearsing together, so that we could identify and refute any possible loopholes. If you are new to debate, the training and mentoring from CamDEBATE will guide you in using your oral advocacy skill to its fullest potential."
Kimbraney Sang, 2023 Champion of University & Young Professionals Debate


"Joining CamDEBATE 2023 was one of the best decisions I ever made. I used to be terrified of speaking in front of many people, but I decided to take a leap of faith and join this competition because I knew it could change my life. And it did. I never imagined that I would go so far and achieve so much. I still remember the adrenaline rush and the excitement that filled me and my teammates before every round. And thanks to the training we received, I felt like I became a better speaker than I ever was before."
Sodany Chheang, 2023 Runner-up of High School Debate


"2023 CamDEBATE competition has left a significant impact on my development as a person and as a debater. I've acquired new strategies for speaking and had the chance to utilize those skills in practice. As for the final round of CamDEBATE, it was an eye-opening experience for me. Being able to stand on the podium and give out my arguments to a room full of audiences made me realize the impact I had as a debater. A message I would give to future contestants looking forward to joining CamDEBATE is winning and losing isn’t the main part of competitions. The most important thing is the journey and the lessons you gain along the way. Be confident and passionate about your position, and you will succeed."
Somolika Meak, 2023 Runner-up of High School Debate


"CamDEBATE was an unforgettable and invaluable learning experience for me. I initially went into it looking only to sharpen my skills, but I came out the other side having met a lot of amazing people and making lifelong friends. Through CamDEBATE, I learned the importance of teamwork and cohesiveness, and it has further opened my eyes to the world of debate & public speaking, and its growing importance in today's climate."
Oudomrattanak Panhavuth Kong, 2023 Runner-up of High School Debate


"The competition taught me a lot about practicality and realism. I was grateful for all the training sessions provided by experts on tips and skills in public speaking and debate, and I appreciated the smooth facilitation of all the program coordinators and volunteers. I would definitely love to join such a competition again."
Korngratanak Keo, 2023 Runner-up of University & Young Professionals Public Speaking


"Participating in CamDEBATE and making it to the Final Round has been an amazing experience for me. The rigorous preparation and intense competition pushed me to my limits, teaching me the value of perseverance. The Final Round was particularly exhilarating, as I showcased my abilities in front of esteemed judges and a captivated audience. If you're thinking about joining CamDEBATE, I encourage you to go for it! It's a chance to challenge yourself and learn new things."
Sokcheata Khorn, 2023 Runner-up of University & Young Professionals Debate


"Having joined CamDEBATE was such an unforgettable first-time experience! The trainers are extremely helpful; they have guided me through the structure, the devices to be used for an effective speech, and the delivery of the speech. Joining CamDEBATE was such a great learning experience, and I highly encourage everyone to give it a go!"
Chhun Lourng Chor, 2023 Semi-Finalist of High School Public Speaking